SuperBomber 0.95

The All-Powerful BomberMan for Your PPC and Completely Free of Charge

What can we say about one of the most addictive, amusing and competitive games on the market? How about, … now you can play it on your PocketPC!

You heard right! One of the most hair-raising arcade games of all times is now available in its PPC version. And what's more, this reedition is very loyal to the original. All the characters, scenes, weapons, objects and extras are all on your PocketPC.

With graphics identical to its most recent 16-bit versions and very similar audio effects together with the high level of addiction and an awesome playability, SuperBomber is quickly recognised as a first-rate title that your device should not be without.

What's more, thanks to the connectivity resources offered by your device, you can play in multiplayer mode with up to four simultaneous players.

Classic, highly enjoyable game you can play alone or with friends.

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SuperBomber 0.95

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